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Kunlun kt680 Wide Deep Tread Drive Axle Dump Truck Tire 12.00R20 on mining bad roads

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Product Description​


•Large block pattern specially designed for the mine and construction service provides excellent grip and traction.
• Unique Anti-Puncture tread formula system against gnawing and puncture.
• Special bead reinforcement structure is designed against bead cracking, improves the bearing capacity.
• Wide and deep tread ensures the even distribution of bearing capacity and improves wear resistance.
• It is suitable for the vehicles inside and outside the mining area with mine mixed road condition.
•Transportation distance less than 80km and heavy load capacity.
• Load capacity of single tire ≦220% and the speed ≦50km/h
• Application vehicles: tipper truck and dump truck.


Tire Size Ply Rating Pattern Tread Depth
Speed Rating Load Index Rim Section Width
Load Capacity (kg) Inflation Pressure/kpa Tread Width
★12.00R20 20 KT680 ☆☆(Enhanced) 25 D 156/153 8.5 315 4000/3650 900 246

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