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A Well-Known Tire Manufacturer and Exporter in China

A Comprehensive Global Tire Distributor Dealing in Multiple Tire Brands

  • Global Tire Manufacturer
  • Wide Range of Tire Brands
  • Competitive Factory Tire Prices
  • One-Stop Brand Direct Marketing

Strong R&D Team

Foremaster Tires has a Fortune 500 management, a skilled research team and offers a quality, delivery and performance warranty on their tyres.

One Stop Tyre Solutions Provider

Foremaster manufacture and export all kinds of truck tires, off the road tires,car tyre, AGR tires and wheels. Foremaster is equipped with intelligent production lines and imported equipment to produce high-quality tires

Certified Quality

Our factories have obtained the ISO9001 certificate, and our products have passed some important certifications such as CCC, ECE, DOT,NOM, LATU and INMETRO, GCC, SASOand SONCAP(allowing us to deliver our tires to the global market.)

Tyre Manufacturer and Exporter in China

Foremaster is one of the world’s leading tire manufacturer of Truck and Bus Radial Tyres and Passenger Car Tyres, OTR tires. In our plants, we produce tires for a variety of applications, characterized by different vehicles, road conditions and customer requirements as well as driver behavior. Our product portfolio comprises truck tires, bus tires, otr tires, tractor tires, commercial tires. The bussiness unit is developing from a tire manufacturer to solution provider, also offering services and solutions such as tire Technology, tire Design cloud platform, Customer Requirement Design.

Tyre Manufacturer

Tire Exhibition

Foremaster tire actively participates in various tire exhibitions, including exhibitions in Singapore and Panama. The show brings together tire manufacturers, tire suppliers, tire distributors and automotive professionals from all over the world. As an industry leader, Foremaster tire also takes this opportunity to showcase its innovative tire solutions and demonstrate its commitment to tire quality and tire performance.

Market Investigation

Foremaster Tire has been visiting the market to interact with customers from all over the world while showcasing our tire solutions and sharing Foremaster Tire’s vision for the future of the tire industry. In the market visit survey, we also harvested customers’ exchanges and views on our brand tires, which enriched our product series and more likely to meet the needs of customers in different markets. Foremaster Tires will continue to focus on the tire market and provide customers with satisfactory brand tires.

Brand Tyres Products

A variety of brands of tires for you to choose from

Good Brand Quality, To Meet Customer Needs

Forlander Truck Tires

Forlander tire is one of the world’s most prestigious truck tire brands, known for its superior quality and superb design. In addition, Forlander tire mainly produces high-end series of tires, and progress meets customers’ pursuit of tire quality. Among them, mine tires are the most famous. Choose Forlander tire to provide you with a safe and comfortable driving experience, with superior grip and reliable traction on the road.

KUNLUN Truck Tires

Kunlun Tire is the first batch of tire manufacturers in China, and is the most trusted quality tire brand in China. Kunlun Tire believes in using only the highest quality materials in the production process, ensuring that each tire has a robust construction that can withstand the weight and pressure of any heavy vehicle. Kunlun tires have the characteristics of tear resistance, wear resistance, fuel saving, no cracking, self-cleaning, etc., to provide you with a good driving experience on the road.

Frideric Truck Tires

Frideric is a leading tire brand known for its high-quality full-load tires that are ideal for a wide range of applications. These tires are designed to deliver unparalleled performance, thanks to their exceptional dynamic balance, long mileage, and ultra-wide tread design. From the toughest off-road terrains to the smoothest highways, Frideric has a full range of tires to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Radial OTR and AGR Tires

Offers a Comprehensive Number Of High-Quality OTR Tires Products


Kunlun has made tires for different construction machines like excavators and dump trucks. These tires come in different sizes such as 23.1-26 and 26.5-25. Kunlun is known for being a leader in tire technology and is respected by the industry in China.

Forlander OTR

Forlander, a renowned brand in the tire industry, has a wide variety of exceptional tires designed specifically for tough terrains. Whether you’re looking for radial or bias types, Forlander has got you covered. Our tires are made with the highest quality materials and go through rigorous testing to ensure that they always deliver top-notch performance.


The DOUBLE COIN OTR is a tire for handling heavy loads of rock, ore and dirt in rocky, sandy or muddy terrain. It has been proven to provide the best performance in intelligent design. In addition, it has excellent traction, reliable long-term performance, renovability and a low cost of ownership.


KUNLUN Agricultural Tires fit many kinds of farm equipment, tractors, combines, harvesters, sprayers and skid steer loaders.Adopt novel pattern design, with good traction performance, throughput performance, puncture resistance, wear resistance, block out resistance

Car Tires

PCR TYRES Already Cover More Than 140 Countries

THREE-A Car Tires

Three-a tire brand is now one of the Top 10 car tire manufacturers in China. PCR Tires can offer a wide range of sizes, including SUV, 4*4, LTR, COMFORT HP, SPORT UHP, AT, MT, COMMERCIAL VAN, SNOW, RUNFLAT tires. Right now, our PCR TYRES already cover more than 140 countries with more than 40 agents worldwide and all of customers are very satisfied with quality and price.

Farroad Car Tires

Farroad Car Tires brand is a modern large-scale enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales of semi-steel radial tires. The company’s existing HP, UHP, C-type light truck, SUV (HT/AT/MT), snow tires, prick resistant tires, anti-static tires, taxi tires, new energy vehicle special tires and other 23 series, more than 600 specifications of products, product performance has reached the second stage of the European label law high-end standards.

Warrior Car Tires

Since 1934 Warrior has been manufacturing passenger and light truck tires and has grown into a worldwide brand. Warrior tires are engineered to provide the utmost control, enabling the driver to conquer the road and the elements. Warrior tires offer excellent mileage, safety and speed ratings, and adapt to the road conditions a driver experiences everyday by providing highly responsive stopping power and traction.







Customer Reviews

Customers who trust our tires deliver the most authentic experience

Are You Looking for a Professional Tire Manufacturer and Exporter

Get your custom designed tire from Foremaster because we‘re a company who have good experience in design, compounding, manufacturing, process, quality control and simulation and etc. Foremaster is able to develop custom-made tires for all kinds of vehicles, as white sidewall tires and white letter tires, ultra high performance large sizes tires, Mud terrain and all terrian tires, racing tires, electric car tires, and more tires for special use on port, mining and OEM customers etc.

car tires, bus tires, otr tires, tractor tires, commercial tires factory

Foremaster New Products

Foremaster company inspects foreign market conditions, field surveys various road conditions suitable for patterns, and regularly develops new products.

Newpower tire 425 85R21

Popular in Russian market Truck Mining Tyres : 425/85R21 22PR

425/85R21 22PR are highly demanded truck tyres for Army use in Russian market.

  • High quality, long warranty

  • More competitive prices

  • Professional Experience in tyre exorting to Russia
  • Tires with good puncture resistance

Forlander FR966 Tire

Forlander FR966 commercial tyres is suitable for long haul & regional truck tyre all position tire
  • Shallow slots on tread ribs improve grip and skid resistance.
  • Four groove design provides stable and comfortable driving performance.
  • Widened shoulder prevents irregular wear.Suitable for urban road long haul distance.best all season tires for trucks


The Three-A ECOSNOW 4×4 winter tires,  is a special pattern design with single-direction and V style sipe, providing excellent performance on ice and snow.
  • Central V-Shape Reinforced Rib
    Ensures high-speed stability and reduces tyre noise.
  • Open Grooves
    Open inclined grooves effectively evacuate water and reduce wheel slip.
  • Silica Tread Surface
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Into the production line

Advanced Production Line for all Kinds of Tyres

Radial OTR, Bias OTR, Agricultural Tyres, Radial Truck & Bus Tires, PCR & LTR tires are produced in high quality production line. Also we accept OEM branding project if importer have a sizable & stable yearly import volume. Welcome discuss MOQ, cost of moulds, marketing development policies.

Foremaster  Associated Factories Producíton Line and Quality Control

We have tyre R&D laboratories that are conformed to international quality standards. We have a quality control team that are classified into product testing, laboratory inspection, raw material inspection, process audit, and more. All the process are a guarantee for a perfect tyre.


  • Fast Delivery
  • For regular sizes, we usually keep ready stock to arrange fast delivery time within 2 weeks. For special sizes, we will arrange production every month 15-20th and make delivery next month.

We only ship tyres with 40’ HQ. We can also accept a 20’ container if you initially require it.

  • Strict Quality Control 
  • All our tyres have passed strict quality control and all tyres have quality warranty.
  • We adopt the Industry 4.0-Intelligent Tire Factory model, which can largely meet your requirements for products

Yes. Once we get your design requirements, we can check with our R&D engineers and welcome contact us for this matter.

The intelligent Tire manufacturing by the tire factory will supervise the whole procedures from R&D, raw material selection, mixing, building, pressing and curing, QR control, to warehousing, which practically realizing the lifecycle management for all tires.

Usually, we ask for 30% payment TT in advance and the remaining balance will be paid after a copy of the B/L. An irrevocable L/C at sight or OA are also acceptable for some countries or customers.

  • Professioanl Team
  • We have 15 +years exporting experience in tyre industry. We can get good shipping freight for your goods and we help you order at right times.

Foremaster TIre

Our Team Of Experts Are Here For You

As China tire manufacturer-Foremaster tire company, we firmly believe that quality is essential in serving our customers. We know that our customers rely on us to provide them with tire products and services that meet their needs and exceed their expectations, and that is why we hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality.

For us, tire quality is not just a buzzword or a tagline – it is a core belief that guides everything we do. From our manufacturing processes to our customer service, we strive to deliver the highest quality in every aspect of our business. We are committed to investing in the latest technologies and tools to ensure that our products are of the highest quality and will stand the test of time. And we are always listening to our customers’ feedback so that we can continue to improve and evolve as a company.

So when you work with us, you can rest assured that you are receiving not just a tire product or service, but a commitment to quality that runs deep in our DNA.


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