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Foremaster is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial vehicle tires. In our plants, we produce tires for a variety of applications, characterized by different vehicles, road conditions and customer requirements as well as driver behavior. Our product portfolio comprises car tires, bus tires, otr tires, tractor tires, commercial tires. The bussiness unit is developing from a tire manufacturer to solution provider, also offering services and solutions such as tire Technology, tire Design cloud platform, Customer Requirement Design.


From OEM to ODM

Get your custom designed tire from Foremaster because we‘re a company who have good experience in design, compounding, manufacturing, process, quality control and simulation and etc. Foremaster is able to develop custom-made tires for all kinds of vehicles, as white sidewall tires and white letter tires, ultra high performance large sizes tires, Mud terrain and all terrian tires, racing tires, electric car tires, and more tires for special use on port, mining and OE customers etc.



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Tire Knowledge

The dangers of bald tires

Most people are unaware of the dangers of bald tires. Learn about bald tires and safety issues surrounding them at SimpleTire.com.


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