Forlander Tire offers an extensive line of quality speciality trailer tires manufactured to deliver long-term performance. Forlander ST tires are designed to deliver unparalleled traction, durability, and safety on your boat, contruction trailers and etc, for any towing application.

FT908 st trailer tires

FORLANDER FT908 ST Trailer Tires

Forlander FT908 is a ST Trailer Tires of exceptional durability and stability. Designed specifically for use in high speed conditions,Forlander FT908 tire is a radial specialty trailer tire and was purposely created to withstand the demanding nature of towing. It’s unique tread design and Radial fabrication helps maintain the maximum traction between tire and road, giving you a safe transport.

 Tags : Trailer, Highway, Long Miles 

Application:Specialty Trailer Tire (ST)

Construction: All Steel Radial

Tire Size : ST175/80R13,  ST185/80R13, ST205/75R14,  ST215/75R14, ST205/75R15, ST225/75R15, ST235/80R16, ST235/85R16, ST235/85R16, ST225/90R16

SizePly RatingPattern NoTread Depth
Tread Width
Standard RimLoad Single/DualLoad IndexSpeed RateAir Pressure
Applicable Tire Position
ST175/80R136PR FT9088 51609/143391/87L Trailer
ST185/80R136PR FT9088 5  L Trailer
ST205/75R148PR FT9088 5 1/2J 2040/1820105/101L Trailer
ST215/75R148PR FT9088 6J2205/1929108/103L Trailer
ST205/75R1510PR FT9089.8 5 1/2J 2040/1820107/102L Trailer
ST225/75R1514PR FT9089.81776J1600/1450124/121L720Trailer
ST235/80R1614PR FT9089.81826 1/2J1850/1650129/125M760Trailer
ST235/80R1616PR FT9089.81826 1/2J1900/1700130/126M760Trailer
ST235/85R1614PR FT9089.81856 1/2J2000/1750132/127M760Trailer
ST235/85R1616PR FT9089.81856 1/2J2060/1800133/128M760Trailer
ST225/90R16 14PR FT9089.81706 1/2J1850/1650129/125L760Trailer
ST225/90R16 16PR FT9089.81706 1/2J1900/1700130/126L760Trailer

Features and Benifits:

    • Strong rib design features four (4) circumferential grooves coupled with a strong center rib allows for efficient water channeling and straight-line tracking.
    • Curb guard provides extra sidewall protection for all the unexpected tight turns.
    • Optimized foot print leads to even pressure distribution for longer tread life and even wear under heavy loads.
    • All-season M+S ratedST908 provides reliable traction and handling in various weather conditions, making it an ideal choice for year-round use.
    • Various TireSizes, including ST175/80R13 6PR, ST185/80R13 6PR,  ST205/75R14 8PR, ST215/75R14 8PR, ST205/75R15 8PR, ST205/75R15 10PR, ST225/75R15 14PR, ST225/75R15 10PR, ST235/80R16 14PR, and ST235/85R16 14PR, ST225/90R16 14PR, catering to a wide range of trailer applications.

Why This Tire?

Optimized Foot Print

leads to even pressure distribution for longer tread life and even wear under heavy loads. 

Steel-belted Radial Construction:

for enhanced durability and cooler running, ensuring a longer lifespan and consistent performance. 

Strengthened Sidewall Construction 

for improved load capability and durability against curb damage



Forlander FA688 is a premium built, all-steel commercial st on tires, offered in 4 key 15″-16″ sizes to meet the demands of heavy hauling for commercial and recreational use. All-Steel Construction in both sidewall and tread provides durability under heavy loads Multi-sipes improve traction in wet conditions and dissipate heat for prolonger tread life Wide grooves decrease hydroplaning and rolling resistance.

 Tags :Long Miles, Fuel-efficient, Wider Tread

Application:Specialty Trailer Tire (ST)

Construction: All Steel Radial

Tire Size : ST225/75R15, ST235/80R16, ST235/85R16, ST225/90R16

Tire SizePly RatingPatternTread DepthSpeed RatingLoad IndexRimSection WidthLoad Capacity (kg)Inflation Pressure/kpaTread Width
ST225/90R16 14FA6888L129/1256.52301850/1650115170
ST225/90R16 16FA6888L130/1266.52381900/1700115170
Tire SizePly RatingPatternTread DepthSpeed RatingLoad IndexRimSection WidthLoad Capacity (kg)Inflation Pressure/kpaTread Width

Features and Benifits:

    • Tread design features better footprint and more biting edges for better grip in snow..
    • Multi-sipes and Wide Groovesimprove traction in wet conditions and dissipate heat for prolonger tread life.
    • Super high tensile steel beltsdeliver maximum durability.
    • Wider tread designgives more contact area with road and balance the street better.
    • All-season M+S ratedFA688provides reliable traction and better grip in snow.
    • Various Tire Sizes, including ST225/75R15 14PR, ST235/80R16 14PR, and ST235/85R16 14PR, ST225/90R16 14PR, catering to a wide range of trailer applications.

Why This Tire?

Special tread compound

provides exceptional wet handling and braking. 

Super High Steel-belted Radial Construction:

distributes forces of acceleration, cornering and braking for longer wear. 

All-Steel Construction in Both Sidewall and Tread

provides durability under heavy loads.

With its impressive features and benefits, the Forlander ST tire FA688 is an excellent choice for trailer service. Browse through the available sizes and find the perfect fit for your trailer needs. Discover the difference that Forlander’s commitment to quality and innovation can make for your fleet.


Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

1.Are ST tires exempt from countervailing and anti-dumping duties?

Yes, the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) and Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) announced that the Commerce Department’s decision to impose countervailing duties on passenger and light truck tires from China exempts ST-type trailer tires and other speed-limited specialty tires.

6.What are the advantages of having my own brand of ST tires?

Having your own brand of ST tires allows you to establish a unique identity in the market, potentially differentiate your products with specific features or branding, and cater to niche markets or specific customer needs.

2.What Does ST Mean on Tires?

ST stands for “Special Trailer.” These tires are specifically designed for use on trailers such as travel trailers and other specialty trailer models. Unlike tires for vehicles with drive axles that provide traction and performance, or tires for passenger vehicles that prioritize comfort, ST tires are engineered to meet the unique demands of trailers. They emphasize essential features like load capacity and towing stability, ensuring safe and reliable performance for trailer applications.

7.What is your minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity is 20GP. You can mix multiple sizes and styles. Smaller quantity is also ok, but the shipping cost is higher.

3. Why do trailers need special tires like ST tires?

Trailers do not have drive axles that provide traction like vehicles do. ST tires are built to support heavy loads, provide stability during towing, and withstand prolonged periods of inactivity, which are typical challenges for trailers.

8.How can I start the process of developing my own brand of ST tires?

As a professional a tire manufacturer or supplier, we are available to design your own ST tires. To start, please send us your requirements, such as tire specifications, branding, and packaging preferences, with them to initiate the manufacturing process.

4. Can I replace ST tires with LT (Light Truck) tires on my trailer?

It is generally not recommended to replace ST tires with LT tires on trailers because ST tires are specifically designed for trailer applications with features like higher load capacity and stiffer sidewalls to handle the unique demands of tow

9. Can I customize the design or features of my own brand of ST tires?

Yes, depending on the manufacturer’s capabilities, you may be able to customize aspects of the tire design, tread pattern, sidewall aesthetics, and features to meet specific performance or aesthetic requirements.

5.Can I have my own brand of ST tires manufactured?

Yes, it is possible to have your own brand of ST tires manufactured. Many companies offer private label or custom manufacturing services for tires, including ST tires.

10.What are the costs involved in developing my own brand of ST tires?

Costs can vary depending on factors such as tire specifications, customization requirements, manufacturing volume, quality standards, branding and marketing expenses, and logistics. Discuss pricing and cost considerations with our professional tire expects right now.