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F538-S (E4) Port Tire

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Product Description​

Technical Features:

A good seal performance, strong driving grasping, strong carcass, not vaid, nopt bulging, good performance of resistance to penetration and also stable running, special design has strengthened tire circle because the rear wheel of fork track was frequently used, is the best choice of port machinery. Wider tread pattern provide good floating, and excellent drive proferties on muddy road surface.


Size PR Pattern Rim type Inflated dimension Inflation pressure (kpa) Load Capacity (kg)
section width (mm) Overall dimension (mm) 0 Km 5 Km 10 Km
18.00-25 48 F538-S (E4) 69mm 13.00/2.5 460 1680 1100 34800 30000 27600
16.00-25 40 F538-S (E4) 69mm 11.25/2.0 430 1490 1075 26400 21300 19800
14.00-24 36 F538-S (E4) 10 360 1450 1100 21600 17400 16200

Additional information​

Additional information


F538-S (E4) Port Tire




* Suitable for the terminal port carne and heavy carne series (fork track, empty cotainer transfer, reach stack) is gennerally used for front and rear wheel & fork track., *Suitable for the terminal port crane and heavy crane series (fork track, empty container transfer, reach stack) is generally used for front and rear wheels & fork track.

Available Sizes

18.00-25, 16.00-25, 14.00-24

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