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D686 – On/off road highway drive position tire

Short Description

The Forlander D686 is designed for highway use, with“Convex block pattern with sipes”, new casing profile and tread compound offering outstanding wet & dry performance such as traction, lower heat build-up, wandering and superior resistance to irregular wear.

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Product Description​

Features & Benefits

Wide base tread prove a better wear resistance performance and tread life.
Optimized tread blocks keep part of the tread cap biting the ground at all time.
Deep tread design to maximize tire tread life and promotes multiple retreads.


Size PR Standard
Sidewall section(mm) O.D(mm) Tread Depth(mm) Load Capacity Pressure TREAD Width(mm)
11R22.5 16 8.25 146/143M 279 1065.0 20.5 3000 2725 120 215
12R22.5 18 9.00 152/149L 300 1085 21.5 3550 3250 135 240

Additional information​

Additional information

Available Sizes

11R22.5, 12R22.5


Drive position of Medium and long haul trucks, highway, urban and rural roads

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