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Kunlun tyres KT860 best truck tire for highway 12r22 5 drive tires for long distance in On and Off Road Applications.

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Product Description​


• Widen driving surface design provides excellent wet and skid wear resistance.
• Block proportion optimization design improve the driving performance and wet and skid resistance of tire.
• Extra-deep tread and new tread formula for aggressive traction and long original mileage.
• Mixed highway and freeway application, for long distance and national transportation service.


Tire Size Ply Rating Pattern Tread Depth
Speed Rating Load Index Rim Section Width
Load Capacity (kg) Inflation Pressure/kpa Tread Width
12R22.5 18 KT860 24 L 152/149 9.00 300 3550/3250 930 260

If you are driving a truck and want the best performance on highways, Kunlun Tyres KT860 is your go-to choice. It’s a reliable and high-quality tire that is suitable for long-distance trips on all types of roads. It’s also an excellent option for drive tires, coming in the perfect size of 12R22.5. By investing in KT860, you can have a safe and comfortable ride. Many experienced truck drivers prefer it, too.

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