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What kind of tires are more suitable for long-mileage transportation scenarios?——FZ809FS All-Wheel Position Tires Introduction

Unlike the general transportation scenario, long-distance trucks have higher requirements for tires. Because logistics trucks carry more weight, it is difficult for normal tires to withstand such long hauls of goods.

white truck on road during daytime

The exception is the FZ809FS all-position tire from Forlander, which is made with a special compound that provides a longer tread life and is less prone to breakage and scratches, significantly reducing the frequency of tire changes.

To ensure excellent handling at high speeds and to prevent the truck from rolling over, the FZ809FS features four circumferential grooves that significantly increase the friction between the tire and the ground.
Not only that, but the FZ809FS is very reliable. The wider tread design and the unique shoulder design give it extraordinary reliability and a very long life span, making it suitable for use in harsh road conditions.
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