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Three Hot Kunlun Tires Recommended for August 2022!

KT755: New size officially launched! KT755 will take tire wear to a new level!

[Why Choose KT755?]

Super Anti-wear, Anti-pricking: Wide section design brings good Anti-wear, Anti-pricking.

Wide range of usefulness: Suitable for road roller, desert transportation and road compactor application.

[Tire Information]

Tyre type: Bias

Application: Construction

[Available Size]

13.00-24, 14.00-24, 17.5-25, 19.5L-24, 12-16.5, 10-16.5

KT878: Premium low profile long haul Flat Trailer Tires

[Why Choose KT878?]

•Wide tread and shoulders provides durability in a variety of applications.

•Siping in the shoulder and ribs allow the tread to bite the road surface while also evacuating water and road debris.

•Enhanced tire compounds for long, even tread wear.

• Mixed highway and freeway application, for long distance and national transportation service.

[Tire Information]

Tyre type: Radial

Application: Highway

KT957: Premium low profile long haul Flat Trailer Tires

[Why Choose KT957?]

• Wide special tread design, the pattern groove bottom adopts the stone-proof embedding design, and effectively improves the tire self-cleaning ability.

Special formula of mixing pavement makes the tread have excellent anti-cutting and anti-tearing ability.

• Deep pattern design provides longer driving mileage.

• Suitable for pavement and non-pavement.

[Tire Information]

Tyre type: Radial

Application: Mixed Service


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