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Rapid MT XTErrain

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The Rapid Xterrain Tires are designed for off-road mud terrain. The aggressive directional tread of Rapid MT Xterrain provides superior traction compared to standard all-terrain tires, yet is surprisingly quiet on the street. Its staggered directionally grooved tread pattern has full-length lug sipes for superior traction that makes it superior in mud, snow, slush, loose dirt, rock, and road.
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Product Description​

Rapid XTErrain Tires Pattern Features

  • Wide Ground-contact Design
    Such design increases tyre grip to the ground.
    Sturdy and randomly-arranged shoulder tread blocks provide excellent traction and passability.
  • Special tread surface
    Enhances tyre endurance
  • Densely-populated tyre-edge protection armor
    Brings damage in driving to the minimum.
  • High-strength tire body together with strong rim protector
    Puts the driver in full control.
  • Two tight ribs in tread center
    Could reduce risk of damages incurred on rough ways.


MT 33×12.50R17LT 10PR XTErrain 120Q 420 RAPID
MT 33×12.50R17LT 8PR XTErrain 114Q 420 RAPID
MT 33×12.50R18LT 10PR XTErrain 118Q 380 RAPID
MT 33×12.50R20LT 10PR XTErrain 114Q 390 RAPID
MT LT265/70R17 10PR XTErrain 121/118Q 490 RAPID
MT LT265/70R17 8PR XTErrain 118/115Q 490 RAPID
MT LT265/75R16 10PR XTErrain 123/120Q 527 RAPID
MT LT265/75R16 8PR XTErrain 119/116Q 527 RAPID
MT LT275/65R18 10PR XTErrain 123/120Q 460 RAPID
MT LT285/55R20 10PR XTErrain 122/119Q 400 RAPID
MT LT285/55R20 8PR XTErrain 117/114Q 400 RAPID
MT LT285/70R17 10PR XTErrain 121/118Q 434 RAPID
MT LT285/70R17 8PR XTErrain 121/118Q 434 RAPID
MT LT285/75R16 10PR XTErrain 126/123Q 480 RAPID
MT LT285/75R16 8PR XTErrain 122/119Q 480 RAPID
MT LT295/70R17 10PR XTErrain 121/118Q 420 RAPID

Rapid Xterrain Tires advantages

Low tire noise, low vibration and impacts against obstacles.
2.High performance.
Outstanding wear resistance and steering.
3.Symmetric tread pattern
Symmetric tread patterns on both sides guarantee excellent high-speed straight running performance.
4.All-weather support
Whenever on sunny or rainy days, summer or winter days, Rapid Xterrain Tires always provide good driving and grip force.

Additional information​

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RAPID MT XTErrain – MT Muddy-way Tyre Series


33×12.50R17, 33×12.50R18, 33×12.50R20, LT265/70R17, LT265/75R16, LT275/65R18, LT285/55R20, LT285/70R17, LT285/75R16, LT295/70R17


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