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From OEM to ODM

Customize your tires with our BLUE tire technology

Get your custom designed tire from Foremaster because we‘re a company who have good experience in design, compounding, manufacturing, process, quality control and simulation and etc. Foremaster is able to develop custom-made tires for all kinds of vehicles, as white sidewall tires and white letter tires, ultra high performance large sizes tires, Mud terrain and all terrian tires, racing tires, electric car tires, and more tires for special use on port, mining and OE customers etc.

Customized tire process

Planning and confirmation From 5 to 10 days

To give consumers a high degree of comfort, performance, efficiency, reliability and safety, our engineer team will discuss the request with customers, and provide a partial or whole custom design plan with our BLUE tire technology blends a unique mix of chemistry, physics and engineering.

Design and Development From 15 to 20 days

The R&D team will present a complete plan including recipe and structural design, model design, production process and inspection process to provide the best in terms of comfort and handling. We will delivers to next step after customers’ confirmation.


A prototype tire is then made to test the tire design’s ability to provide the desired characteristics. Custom-designing a tire for a particular vehicle typically takes many months of testing: handling in both dry and wet conditions, aquaplaning behavior, winter performance, rolling resistance, integrity and high speed.

Tire Production From 20 to 30 days

Good tire origin from advanced technology, equipment and strict control and the production process. Our strict quality control standards and conducts all-round quality control to ensure the unification of product quality. The rigorous spirit of testing and the high standards of excellence have resulted in the reliable product quality of Customized Tire.