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Why do we need winter tires?SW703 winter all wheel position tires introduction

The main material of tires is still rubber, and rubber will gradually become stiff in low temperature environment, resulting in weaker tires grip.

So winter tires will use special formula to ensure that the tires can still have good flexibility and elasticity in low temperature environment.

In general, when the outdoor temperature reaches 7℃, it is time to replace the winter tires.
Therefore, we sincerely recommend the SW703 winter tires from Forlander.

Compared with conventional tires, SW703 has better anti-slip and wear resistance, which can ensure very good handling performance on the highway in winter.

At the same time, compared with other brands of winter tires, SW703‘s wide tread and unique serrated groove pattern greatly improve its grounding area, which can have more friction, making it safer in winter scenarios.

In addition, the SW703 is an all-wheel position tire that can be mounted on any wheel position of any truck, making it very versatile.

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