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Tires have risen in price, is it good or bad?

Tires have risen in price, is it good or bad?

In 2019, many tire companies released information on price increases. Many tire dealers and retailers have already felt the wave of price hikes. This wave is stopping and stopping!

In January, Michelin and Bridgestone all rose by 2-3%, and the intensity appeared to be small. Bridgestone PCR did not increase, but only for the TBR, the strength was 3 points. It can be seen that the whole steel series was tested first.

fr668 truck tire

In February, the horse card, Nexans, etc. began to increase, but the upward trend is not obvious, and the horse brand only raised the dealer’s purchase price, the new price will be notified separately. It is known that Shanghai Zhongjie is up 3% in synchronization with the factory, but not On behalf of other dealers will be carried out, mostly based on market conditions to determine whether to adjust the price.

In March, Guizhou Qianjin, Wanli, Triangle, Ningxia Shenzhou, Yinbao, Fangxing Rubber, Yuhua and other brands began to increase prices, the price increase was 2-3%, except for the Yinbao Tire Group and Yuanfeng Rubber up to 3 – 5 points, from which the amplitude can be basically 2-3%, the increase is small, basically in TBR products, the price increase of PCR products is small.

In April, KONE Lutong tires began the first price increase, ranging from 3-5%.

From January to April, the price increase information is raised by 2-5%. However, since March, the first-line brand second-line brand price increase information has not appeared, but the Shandong brand accounted for a large proportion, indicating the late tire price increase. The signs will gradually weaken.

The trend of natural rubber and synthetic rubber is slightly inconsistent. In terms of natural rubber, funds have driven futures to rebound, while spot offers have also increased, but trading small orders. In terms of synthetic rubber, after a narrow range of exploration, it was finally driven to rebound due to the supply side policy and natural rubber.

On March 11, the price of natural rubber was 11,560 yuan/ton, an increase of 12.23%. From March 3, natural rubber has been going down. Natural rubber has fallen from 42,000 yuan/ton in 2011 to the current 11,560 yuan/ton. About 72%. The income of rubber workers and rubber farmers has dropped sharply, which has led to a weak willingness to tap rubber. The bottleneck of industrial development and farmers’ income increase needs to be broken.

The price of synthetic rubber fell sharply in March. The price of styrene-butadiene rubber fell from 21,371 yuan/ton at the beginning of the month to 14,928 yuan/ton at the end of the month, with an overall increase of 30.15%. The price of butadiene rubber fell from 24,165 yuan / ton at the beginning of the month to 16,901 yuan / ton at the end of the month, the overall decline was 30.06%.

The price of carbon black on March 11 was 6866.67 yuan / ton, a decrease of 15.49%.

From the demand side, the above data shows that the demand for all steel tires is recovering steadily, which supports the demand for rubber. It is understood that the overall operating rate of the domestic tire market has increased to 66%, the operating rate of all steel tires is 72%, the operating rate of semi-steel tires is 65%, and the operating rate of bias tires is 61%.

From the perspective of various dealers, all places are rising and falling:


East China Rubber: All steel tires, there are 2 points of inner tube 2 points without tube, 50 to one, 100 to 3.

Chaoyang Lang Ma: All steel tires, Lu Li of Chaoyang Langma down 4 points.

A state-owned tire enterprise: all-steel tires, the Shandong region has begun to be lowered, it is said that it has given 3-4 points to a provincial province in Shandong. Another brand of large tire companies released a five-point policy.

All localities are holding conference promotions, such as Bridgestone, Pirelli, Horse, Goodyear, and Margies, which hold retailer ordering meetings in many places, giving gifts, rebates, and lottery rewards. Accounting to the price actually reflects that the price is a price cut, not a price increase, so it is obvious that the status quo of the rise and fall.

fr852 truck tire

First rise and then fall, increase the price for the promotion

The dealer conference is generally reflected in the first quarter. At the dealer conference, some tire brands will have a large promotion policy, so they will take temporary price increases to make room for price reduction in the future; but the temporary price increase also indicates that the company is now The current situation of cost increase and low profit.

Under the trend of rising tire prices, it is necessary to polish your eyes to see if the tire market is really good, whether it is bulk-selling or purchasing according to the amount of tasks.